Remar Association Hong Kong Ltd (rehabilitation of socially rejected people) is a Christian Charity working for the rehabilitation and reinsertion into society of drug addicts, alcoholics, down and outs, the homeless and the needy in general.

Remar Association Hong Kong Ltd, founded in 1998, was born from a desire to help all kinds of people on the margins of society. Remar Hong Kong, as a Christian Charitable Association, has had the privilege of being the instrument through which many drug addicts have come off the streets, out of prison and delinquency, and have been helped in their spiritual, physical, psychical, professional and family restoration. Many of them have been rehabilitated and have returned to their employment and to their families, whilst others have stayed on in Remar to dedicate their lives to helping the needy, thus changing from being a negative element in society into being useful and beneficial. They help others, in a self-giving way, to come out of all kinds of social problems.


T/F. +852 3193 4919
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