1. ?? Coronavirus

    List of Coronavirus-related emojis.

    The latest strain of coronavirus is known as COVID-19, and often represented using the ?? Microbe emoji or more broadly with ?? Face with Medical Mask.

    Both of these emojis have seen a considerable rise in use which correlates with the spread of COVID-19, according to a recent Emojipedia analysis. Further analysis has shown a rise in the use of ?? Shopping Cart and a drop in ?? Airplane.

    In some regions the combination of ?? Crown and ?? Microbe have been used in sequence to represent Coronavirus: ????  (crown = 'corona' in languages such as Spanish and Italian).

    Hand Washing

    Hand washing is commonly represented using ?? Soap or ?? Lotion Bottle in combination with hand-gesture emojis. The World Health Organization recommends soap or liquid soap instead of alcohol-based handrub, where possible.

    ?? Note: Given World Health Organization advice and the ambiguity of the contents of the ?? Lotion Bottle emoji, Emojipedia recommends using ?? Soap to indicate washing or cleanliness.

    Suggested hand-washing sequences include many of the following emojis:

    These emojis can be used in sequence to represent various types of hand washing:

    Other sequences to represent washing hands:


    Suggested Behaviors

    In order to minimize the spread of disease, suggested behavioral changes include:

    ?? Note: Consult local advise for specific rules, regulations and best practices as these vary considerably by region.

    Social Distancing

    Keeping a physical distance from others can be represented by the use of the ?? Prohibited emoji in sequence with other emojis including:

    Keeping a safe distance between others in public can help prevent the spread of disease. Many countries recommend keeping a distance of two meters or six feet from others. This can be represented as:

    ?? Note: Consult local advise for specific rules, regulations and best practices as these vary considerably by region.


    Some people may have specific requirements or need to take additional care due to risk of coronavirus. These may be represented in a number of ways:

    Warning System

    Some countries use a form of warning system to represent various stages of recovery. This may take the form of a traffic-light system:

    Regions employing a traffic-light system to represent stages may use more than just three colors. Individual colors may represent many phases or stages of restriction:

    Another form of restriction in various countries are numbered stages reflecting rates of infection or level of community limitations required.

    ?? Testing and tracing

    Various approaches are used internationally to test the spread of COVID-19. These can be represented in ways such as:

    ?? Alternative Greetings

    While digital greetings cannot spread disease the same way that physical greetings do, emojis for limited-contact greetings can encourage good public social practices.

    ??‍?? Medical Emojis

    General medical, health and hygiene-related emojis include:

    ?? Twitter

    On Twitter, the hashtag #SafeHands displays a custom hand-washing emoji as of March 2020.

    ?? YouTube

    YouTube has custom emotes which were released in March 2020. These work in comments for livestreams and include:

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